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24. Bitcoin Bull, Bank Bustin, Blockchain Believer Rahul Sood of UNIKRN

When I asked Rahul, founder of esports gambling blockchain company UNIKRN, what he would tell a major bank executive if they called for advice on what to do about the blockchain, it turns out they already had, well sort of, but it’s a great story giving bold believers in the ...
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Let’s add a little color to crypto and enlighten this picture

When I first heard of Bitcoin, of cryptocurrency in general, I didn’t get it. I was intrigued, but also confused. That was in 2011, when I could have spent $500 for 250 bitcoins and today could have sold it for $1,000,000.

The idea that money can be created from code on a computer is hard enough to grasp. But add to that, reputable sources claim that this technology could be as disruptive as the internet. It could change the world. Crypto is more than just about currency. It’s about the blockchain.

As I said, intrigued, and confused, and add to that, curious.

Where did this come from? Is this for real? Is it a bubble of hype? How does it work? What does it mean? Why does it matter? Does it matter? And what steps do I take if I want to get in?

Join me, your host, Gabe Colors, as we take a deep dive into the risks, opportunities and mysteries of this technology. We invite a broad spectrum of experts and enthusiasts to illuminate cryptocurrency and the blockchain.  There’s a lot of hype around cryptocurrency, and the truth is, we really don’t know what will become of this.

Since around the time bitcoin launched, I’ve explored color and perception. I know color, yet to this day, I’m still in awe of how color reveals that things are rarely what they appear to be. Like sunlight awakening a dormant room, let’s add a little color to crypto and enlighten this picture.

FAQ and Steps to get involved

Massive Caveat: None of the information you see here or hear on our podcast should be considered investment advice. I’m an artist for goodness sakes! This is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. In fact, in my view, cryptocurrency is just the driver of something much more powerful and meaningful than money. That said, here are some guidelines to getting involved.

What is cryptocurrency?

A digital form of money. Instead of relying on a third party like a bank to account for transactions, cryptocurrency relies on the blockchain.

How do I buy some?

Sign up with an account now on This is not a paid endorsement, but every guest so far has agreed, this is the first step. In Episode 2, we learned you should do this now because you it will take a week minimum to connect your bank account.

What is the blockchain?

A distributed, or decentralized network of computers that manage a master ledger of all transactions. These transactions include cryptocurrencies but are not limited to just them. The potentials of the blockchain are discussed on each episode of Coloring Crypto

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Episode 00

When I first heard of Bitcoin, of cryptocurrency in general, I didn’t get it. I was intrigued, but also confused. That was in 2011, when I could have spent $500 for 250 bitcoins and today could have sold it for $1,000,000.    In a recent week, in September 2017, the …
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From the Medici’s to Modern Banking, What is so Special About Cryptocurrency

“Banking has basically been the same since the 1400s, until now.” We cover definitions of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Josh helps explain from a banking perspective what makes this so different than traditional banking. Enjoy our deep dives into security and postal carrier metaphors and discussion on ICOs and alt …
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Dreaming of Crypto in Color

Episode 2: Dreaming of Crypto in Color.  Before we begin, quick shout out to Maui, Hawaii family, Hey Levi- this episode has got the answer to that question you had on faceboook — the Hawaii crypto conundrum Welcome to coloring crypto, our journey to illuminate cryptocurrency. Thanks for joining, I’m your host …
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If Money is Like Color Could Bitcoin be Gold?

This is part one of two with our guest today, Brooks Jordan, who comes at crypto from a long lens, his current work and passion is about community. If you are new to crypto and have questions like, “How can a computer create a currency with value?”, or simply “What …
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