2. Dreaming of Crypto in Color

Episode 2: Dreaming of Crypto in Color.  Before we begin, quick shout out to Maui, Hawaii family, Hey Levi- this episode has got the answer to that question you had on faceboook — the Hawaii crypto conundrum Welcome to coloring crypto, our journey to illuminate cryptocurrency. Thanks for joining, I’m your host Gabe Colors.    2008, bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency materialized,  I was on artist on Maui, discovering color for the first time.  It’s been almost a decade and still, I’m in awe of color. Why? Because a color seems obvious, yet infinitely eludes any and all effort to make it clearly one thing.   I’m beginning to wonder if cryptocurrency is the same. On our exploration, these conversations I am sharing with you, to color in crypto, It’s starting to feel like it.    In the last episode, Josh told us this is something the world has never seen, he illustrates the sharp contrast between our familiar banking system, the only banking system we have ever known, and how cryptocurrency and is totally different.    He’s a professional expert in this space.  Today, we flip perspectives and hear from Anna Ariel, who bought her first crypto coin just six months ago.   And guess what? It’s the same, but different.     This came in a dream.    Anna drops SERIOUS knowledge — on wallets, exchanges, passcodes, seeds, alt coins  she hands out beautifully painted explanations of key terms.    If you are starting from zero, and are ready to dive in deep, this is the podcast for you. Let me know what you think! Hit me up on twitter @ColoringCrypto!     Support our Sponsor: http://tinycables.com/color Tiny Cables makes short charging cables perfect for your desk.  eight inches eight dollars free shipping  and a lifetime guarantee the perfect size for decluttering your desk.