3. If Money is Like Color Could Bitcoin be Gold?

This is part one of two with our guest today, Brooks Jordan, who comes at crypto from a long lens, his current work and passion is about community. If you are new to crypto and have questions like, “How can a computer create a currency with value?”, or simply “What is Money”, Brooks offers a visionary perspective. 

So far we’ve put cryptocurrency into the context of banking and opportunities and risks of making or losing money

But crypto is about much more than currency. We broke this conversation into two parts. Today, we cover the philosophical underpinnings of this whole damn thing.

In the next episode we step into the potentials of blockchain technology, covering alt-coins, and the impacts of diigital peer to peer, encrypted technology, getting with the deeper implications. 

      4:30 What is Fiat currency 5:15 How can a computer create code that has value? 5:40 In the same moment that the 2008 financial crisis happened, bitcoin happened 6:00 Math makes cryptocurrency unhackable 6:30 Blockahin is a distributed ledger, that defines and protects the integrity of the exchanges 7:15 How lightbulbs going off 14:00 Bitcoin could be held onto like gold