24. Bitcoin Bull, Bank Bustin, Blockchain Believer Rahul Sood of UNIKRN

Rahul Sood founder and CEO UNIKRN
Rahul Sood founder and CEO UNIKRN

When I asked Rahul, founder of esports gambling blockchain company UNIKRN, what he would tell a major bank executive if they called for advice on what to do about the blockchain, it turns out they already had, well sort of, but it’s a great story giving bold believers in the transformative power of the blockchain some hope.

“Gold is the biggest ponzi scheme” (03:04)

Youtube “League of Legends in Beijing” Are these the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? https://youtu.be/fn5kSCj-VNM?t=7m12s  (13:10)

UNIKRN announces a first of its kind agreement with Malta on crypto betting in Europe https://twitter.com/i/web/status/964151605267501056 (22:00)

Major financial institutions ask start up founders for help and the result is a little embarrassing. (25:00)

Bitcoin and blockchain predictions for 2018 (35:30)


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23. Such Wow Dogecoin: The Origin Story , Complete Interview with Jackson Palmer (part 2)

Jackson Palmer and friends, created Dogecoin in 2013, as satire, and today it’s ranked among the top 40 cryptocurrencies on coin market cap. We got him to tell the whole story and asked if he any regrets. 

If you want to learn anything, let alone cryptocurrency, study the outliers. The story of Dogecoin has more to teach us than we may want to know.


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21. The Blockchain Renaissance

A triad of guests on this weeks episode include Michelle Tsng, author of “201 Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain”, Crystal Rose from Sensay, and Daniel Shanken with the CryptoPsychedelic conference, happening in Tulum Feb 2-4.

Crystal Rose is a technologist and successful entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of Sensay, a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence (A.I.) and communications platform and SENSE, a blockchain protocol. She raised $21M in capital with prominent institutional VCs, most recently completing a successful ICO for the SENSE digital token (makesense.com).

Michelle Tsing worked at PayPal for 6 years and now is into crypto- last week, she posted online a request for the names of 100 women in crypto to pay attention? within days the list blew up to over 200 ? the list, 200+,Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain??is now trading on Medium.


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20. How Crypto Can Transcend the Patriarchy with Rachel Cook, CEO of Seeds. Decentralized lending with ETHLend.

Rachel Cook with Seeds
Rachel Cook with Seeds

Women in crypto. It’s a worthy paintbrush. Today we feature Rachel Cook of Seeds and talk about the difference in raising money through traditional venture capital channels vs. raising money with a token sale, particularly in the context of gender. Visit www.seedstokens.com and receive 30% off with code COLORINGCRYPTO when you spend 0.1 ETH or more.

The second portion (41:45) of this episode features a paid interview with Martin Wichmann at ETHlend


ETHlend is a decentralized peer to peer lending market. 

Rachel Cook is a Duke University alum and former stock trader who went on to direct and produce The Microlending Film Project, a feature documentary exploring the impact of microloans on women around the world, which was the Feature Presentation at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival in 2012.

From there, Rachel founded a startup called Seeds, which went through Boost VC, the Bitcoin-focused startup accelerator, in 2014, Techstars in NYC in 2015, and was a 2016 Techcrunch Disrupt Battlefield competitor.  

The Seeds front-end products are the easiest way to build good into apps, and Seeds tokens allow anyone to ask the blockchain for help, and receive it as a gift, with no strings attached.

Rachel spent the night in a Kenyan jail while working on Seeds, and is currently homeless while awaiting the building of her shipping crate home in California.


Visit www.seedstokens.com and receive 30% off with code COLORINGCRYPTO when you spend 0.1 ETH or more.

Articles discussed:



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19. Bitcoin decentralization, exchanges and experimentation with Yang Ventures

Terrence Yang of Yang Ventures
Terrence Yang of Yang Ventures

Terrence Yang is a vocal crypto presence on Facebook, Quora and Twitter. He had to bail out a family member who got over leveraged in the dot com boom and has sober advice to newbies with gold bars twinkling in their eyes. Topics include bubbles, store of value, capital flight conduits, and Venezuelan merchants. As well, potential of a truly decentralized coin that has decentralized subsystems, meaning rig makers, miners, client implementations, devs w/ multiple commits that matter, ownership, exchanges, wallets.

Emin Gun Sirer https://twitter.com/el33th4xor
Luke Dash https://twitter.com/lukedashjr?lang=en
Vitalik https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin
Peter Todd https://github.com/petertodd


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